We have made it!

Why it all started

Five months ago or so, I was told by my computing teacher that willing students could participate to the BAFTA Young Game Designer Game Making Award with the help of Harry Petch, twice finalist.

Making the game

During the following months, I tried to come up with ideas. Very early I had already the idea of making a game in a dark environment which then shifted to a game without light at all.

During the last month before the submission, I started making the game using Godot and got to finish release v0.1.

The future of the game

If I am writing this, it’s because we (with the game) are finalist!! This has given me more motivation and has made me realised how some parts of the game are lacking and the potential the game could have for a story.

So I am planning to continue the game once Godot 3.2 comes out. This is because a commit is required for the game to work and I don’t want to continue the game on the master branch and prefer to work on a stable release.

I plan on adding/changing the following: